About Us

Incorporated in 1984, as a turned components manufacturer, M/s. Involute Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has become one of the leaders in transmission gears, shafts, assemblies and sub-assemblies. Its customer base expands across the globe in countries like USA, UK, Japan, Europe, and South-East Asian countries. The company earns 65% of its revenue through direct and deemed exports.

In its relentless efforts, the organization has achieved a rapid progress with 25% compounded growth over last 5 years. Through its presence in Agriculture, Construction, Automotive, hydraulics, Marine and Industrial sectors, Involute caters to the leaders in this field with utmost focus on customer satisfaction in terms of cost, quality and delivery.

The organization has moved up the value chain from a turned component manufacturer to an aggregate sub-assembly and highly complex gear and shaft manufacturer. It has 4 manufacturing plants currently in operation and the fifth plant is under commission.

Involute offers a one-stop solution to the customer needs in motion and drive applications, It has integrated manufacturing facilities under one roof right from Forging, Machining, Gear cutting, Heat treatment, Form and Generation gear grinding and Deep-hole drilling. The organization aspires to install in-house facilities for Laser and EBM welding and other metallurgical processes.

  • In order to offer value to its customers and effectively participate in the New Product Development Programme, it has housed a dedicated protocell.
  • The organization is equipped with a skilled team of design and development professionals supported by the latest software with a capability of designing and reverse engineering products during the development phase.
  • The organization focuses on employee development and training for continual improvement. We also carry out various employee welfare activities.
  • A professional management is set to accept the global challenges through technology absorption and systems to keep the pace of growth.